SCHMACON™  brands Elevate Your Menu.


In a business where innovating and differentiating are the name of the game, a product like SCHMACON™ causes a stir. Its smoky, sweet and beefy deliciousness fires the imagination, inspiring creative uses all over the menu. It’s a flavor profile that diners can’t get enough of, and lends itself to so many surprising applications. It can stand on its own beautifully, or lend a hand to other flavors just as nicely.

SCHMACON™ is whole muscle beef seasoned with a proprietary spice blend inspired by its deli roots. The inventor of Schmacon, a CIA-trained chef knows that unique flavor and appeal allow for new menu creations that patrons will crave.

UNCURED, ALL NATURAL, GLUTEN FREE – clean label products your guests are looking for

UNEXPECTED FLAVOR that will get rave reviews from a broad range of guests

THE APPEAL OF BEEF, with both appearance and texture that excites meat lovers

VERSATILE in ways that surpass bacon

HIGH YIELD that delivers great plate presentation and coverage, and enhances value

GET INSPIRED SCHMACON™ helps you add new and appealing offerings your patrons will be clamoring to try.

LOWER CALORIES, FAT and SODIUM means it’s easy for guests to say “yes” to SCHMACON™.


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