Beef up the appeal of your products by adding Schmacon

An innovative new ingredient is the perfect starting point for successful new products. Schmacon presents unlimited possibilities with exceptional flavor and texture that stand out.

BOLD AND NEW FLAVOR that’s chef-inspired with the right amounts of smoky and sweet

THE BROAD APPEAL OF BEEF makes it the right choice for a broad range of products

UNCURED, ALL NATURAL, GLUTEN FREE – clean label products your guests are looking for

NUTRITIONAL ADVANTAGES like lower calories, fat and sodium, help you achieve nutritional goals

VERSATILITY that works with current food trends

ADDED VALUE from minimal shrink and unique crisping characteristics

PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY takes Schmacon over the top with superior adhesion, decreased dehydration and enhanced flavor

INNOVATION JUST GOT EASIER with an ingredient that is truly different. See where Schmacon takes your new product ideas

Schmacon is available in 10 lb. layout format cases and in 10 lb. boxes of bits for foodservice and manufacturers.