Schmacon  is news, not hype.

As the American love affair with bacon continues, the big bacon brands keep trying to capitalize with new SKU’s. But you know it will take something truly new and distinctly different to excite your shoppers. It’s Schmacon™, and with its unexpected, chef-inspired flavor, beefy texture and crispness, it gives consumers everything they want. Schmaconhas what it takes to satisfy regular bacon-eaters and those who have avoided it, which means more shoppers at the case. Real news, real beef, real excitement—that translates to your bottom line. Schmacon brings just the kind of excitement the category needs to spark more visits and visitors to the refrigerated meat case.

BOLD AND NEW FLAVOR that starts with beef and the right amounts of smoky and sweet

THE APPEAL OF BEEF that your shoppers are searching for.

NUTRITIONAL ADVANTAGES like lower calories, fat and sodium, make it easier to say “yes”

GREAT VALUE with minimal shrink

CONVENIENCE and ease of preparation

180 Day Shelf Life