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Mooove over Bacon!

Bigger, bolder, better flavor with less sodium, fat and calories

Award Winning Flavor

Recipient of 2014 Food and Beverage Innovations Award presented by the National Restaurant Association


A Brief Overview on Schmacon

Howard talks with Ted Brunson about Schmacon™ and the creation of this innovative new product.

Schmacon™ FABI winner 2014 at the NRA show

Howard’s interview explaining the product after winning the 2014 FABI award at the NRA show.

Interview with Bootstrapping in America

Tom and Tony talk with Howard Bender of Schmacon. Howard Bender is the founder of Schmaltz Retail products and creator of Schmacon, a beef Product made to taste like bacon. He has more than 30 years of experience in the food-service industry.

Naperville News Interview

NCTV 17 talks with Howard about Schmacon™.